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  • Dr. T. Saravanan MD.,(Gen Med), DM.,(Nephrology) Medical Director & CEO Consultant Nephrologist and Transplant Physician

NephroPlus is India’s largest dialysis center network. Each NephroPlus center is a one stop shop for all of a dialysis guest’s needs. With a strong commitment to quality, NephroPlus is spearheading a change in the way dialysis is done in India. One of the main goals at NephroPlus is to enable dialysis guests lead lives as close to normal as possible. We strive to ensure that dialysis sessions remain a small part of a guest’s life. We encourage them to do things everyone does – work, travel, have fun. If you are looking for a dialysis centre that is cheerful, hygienic, uses state-of-the-art equipment, innovative processes and also feels like home, NephroPlus is for you!


  • Guest care comes first.
  • Cross infections should always be prevented.
  • Team is above the individual at all times


Hemodialysis at NephroPlus can be a refreshing change from the dull, boring and often torturous experience that you get at a regular center or hospital. See how NephroPlus makes your Hemodialysis session totally safe and much less frustrating.

There are no breaks from Dialysis, only vacations

At Nephroplus, the patients never have to pick and choose between quality time with their dear ones and proper clinical treatment. Holidays packages have been specially designed to ensure that our patients enjoy a break while getting the world-class clinical care they are accustomed to, be it in the backwaters of Alleppey, the hills expanses of Coorg, or the splendor of the Taj Mahal. All arrangements right from dialysis, travel accommodations and hotel to cab bookings will be taken care of by us, leaving them completely free to unwind and actually enjoy their vacation.


Whatever we say about our services does not matter until our patients agree! Here, read what they have to say about the NephroPlus experience.